Praemium – English


In order to promote the Ars et Fides spirit, according to the Charte d’Angers,
the creation of an award,
called “Ars et Fides Praemium”, has been decided.


This award is designed to reward a project OR an initiative promoting the Ars et Fides spirit through one of the following actions:

  • developing closer links between various member groups OR between a member group and external groups;
  • favouring the communication of the Ars et Fides spirit outside of the Federation, namely towards the Churches and Civil institutions.


To be admissible, a project must be organized by two or more groups, of which at least one is a member of the Federation in good standing (i.e. with current Ars et Fides dues paid). The project must specifically start between January 1st, 2016 and December 31st, 2016.

Submission of applications:

The application file (and its annexes) must be received by the Ars et Fides secretary, prior to December 31, 2016: either via an e-mail at OR via the post at the Secretary address: Generaal Lemanlaan 22, BE – 8310 ASSEBROEK (Brugge).

Please download the required form from our blog:

Content of the file :

The file will provide objective information about the project of initiative, like: objective and description of the project, groups’ coordinates, people in charge of the project, expected audience, limits and difficulties, timing, financial plan, expected return, …


The jury is composed of 5 people chosen by the Board. At least two jury members must be members of said Board, plus the president of Ars et Fides who will act as chairman of the jury. Each jury member has one vote; if necessary, the chairman’s vote will count as two. An office-bearing member of a group / project applying for the Praemium may not be part of the jury


After selection by the jury of the winning project, the prize of €300 will be awarded on the occasion of the Assembly in 2017, via:

  • A grant or bank transfer.
  • A prize contributing to training (lecture / book / document).
  • A contribution to communication.

The Ars et Fides Federation will take every opportunity to talk about the Praemium and its winner. 

For the Ars et Fides Board,
the President,
Jean-Michel Drugeon

Participation file to be charged in one of the below formats:

Word (.doc): Praemium 2017 – EN – candidature

Open Office (.odt): Praemium 2017 – EN – candidature

Pdf: Praemium 2017 – EN – candidature