Madrid 2016: Programme and booking form (EN)


Bookings are now welcomed
for our General Assembly in Madrid!

Here’s the programme prepared by Nártex and Ars et Fides:

Friday April 15

  • From 2 pm onwards: welcome of the participants at the accommodation: Casa de Espiritualidad- Santa Rafaela María: Paseo Gral. Martínez Campos, 12 – 28010 Madrid
  • 4.30 pm: Visit “Unique churches Madrid”
  • 8:00 pm: Dinner (at accommodation)

Saturday April 16

  • 10.00 – 12.00 am: Visit “The first Christian Madrid”. City centre and Christian origins
  • 1.00 pm: Lunch at accommodation
  • 2.30 – 5.30 pm: General Assembly followed by workshops
  • 6.30 pm: Art and prayer session: San Plácido´s Church
  • 8:00 pm: Festive dinner (restaurant)

Sunday April 17

  • 10.00 am: Conference (at San Ginés): “Sacred spaces: the meaning of the symbol”, by Mª Sol Gacía Morales, architect and teacher.
  • 12.00 am: Mass at San Ginés´ church
  • 1.00 pm: Lunch
  • 4.30 – 7.00 pm: Visit: “In the footsteps of Christ in the Museo del Prado”
  • evening: Dinner (at accommodation)

Monday April 18

  • Excursion: Visit to Alcalá de Henares.

You can download this programme here: 2016-EN-Programme-Madrid

And the booking form: 2016-EN-Registration Madrid

Mieke, our dedicated secretary,
is waiting for your documents and payment (by bank transfer, only!)
for March 10: thanks in advance for your punctuality!

ARC Italia ci dà anche delle notizie! – ARC Italy worked in France this summer – Dieppe (France) a accueilli ARC Italie cet été!

logo ARC

ARC Italia ci ha mandato un articolo (in francese) del Giornale della Normandia che parla del progetto ARC presso la chiesa Saint-Jacques a Dieppe, in Francia. Lo condividiamo con gran piacere: 2015-Articolo_Dieppe

Inoltre, ARC Italia ci segnala anche che sul loro sito web, alla pagina si possono trovare alcune foto e racconti dei progetti ARC dell’estate 2015.

Ringraziamo ARC Italia e Nártex (per il suo articolo publicato alcuni minuti fa) di averci mandato questi articoli!

Gli altri gruppi sono inviati a imitarli 😉 !


On their side, ARC Italy worked in Dieppe (France) this summer. The newspaper Journal de Normandie published an article about their presence, read it here: 2015-Articolo_Dieppe

Besides this article, ARC Italy informs us that on their website,, we can find pictures and reports about their 2015 summer projects.

We thank ARC Italy and Nártex (for an article published a few minutes ago) for sending us these articles!

We invite the other groups to imitate them 😉 !


Quant à l’ARC Italie, elle a envoyé une équipe travailler à l’église Saint-Jacques à Dieppe (France). Le Journal de Normandie a fait écho à leur présence dans ses colonnes : 2015-Articolo_Dieppe

A côté de cet article, ARC Italie nous signale que leur site internet publie photos et reportages des lieux guidés cet été

Nous remercions ARC Italie et Nártex (pour son article publié il y a quelques minutes) de nous avoir fait parvenir ces articles !

Et nous invitons les autres groupes à faire de même 😉 !

Nártex fait parler d’elle ! – The press talks about Nártex! – Si parla di Nártex!


Nártex nous a envoyé un article présentant son activité de l’été dernier à Madrid, paru dans la revue Palabra : nous vous le transmettons avec grand plaisir !

Cliquez ici pour lire l’article : Nártex en Palabra Octubre 2015


Nártex sent us an article published in October in the Palabra Spanish magazine, presenting their activities during last summer: we’re happy to let you read it!

Click here to read the article: Nártex en Palabra Octubre 2015


Nártex ci ha inviato un articolo sulle loro attività durante l’ultimo estate, publicato nella rivista Palabra: siamo lieti di condividerlo con voi!

Cliccate qui per leggerlo: Nártex en Palabra Octubre 2015

1st Annual Artists and Theologians Meeting in Rome


Nartex (a member of Ars et Fides) is organizing in Rome
from 26 to 29 November
the first Annual Artists and Theologians Meeting

In collaboration with the Pontificial University of the Holy Cross
and with Via Lucis which is another of those initiatives Nartex is involved now,
the theme will be
Art and Liturgy, fundamentals for a contemporary experimental work.


Pavel Florensky in his book Iconostasis (1922) says that ”among all, the most conclusive proof of the God´s existence –non mentioned in any manual- may be expressed by the adage that says: Rublev’s icon of the Holy Trinity exists, therefore God exists”.

May art and theology contribute in the understanding of Mystery? This first meeting of artists and theologians intends to study the fundamentals of liturgical action with a practical objective: to prepare the interdisciplinary work of creation in the liturgical context, conceived as total art (integration of all arts in the action of Christus Totus).

Based on this, the program includes three double sessions of discussion programed in collaboration with the Institute of Liturgy of the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross. In addition to these sessions there will be presentations offered by particular artists or art historians. These activities will take place outside the University in a non academic context. Apart of those events the meals and get-together will be a chance to meet everybody.

The course is structured in 6 academic sessions. The 1 and 2 aims at introducing the topic: the relationship between art and liturgy expressed by feature of the ceremony. Particularly, the fact of being “sign” or “image” of deeds of the past, actions that are occurring in the heavenly liturgy, and actions that will happen at the eschatological fulfillment.

The session 3 and 4 will be dedicated to a very particular category of music: the liturgical music. The aim is to present the notion and to analyze several examples that help to understand what liturgical music is and what is not.

Finally, in the session 5 and 6 we will deal with the iconographic programs, namely the images located in the various locations involved in the ceremonies (narthex, nave, baptistery, etc.) and the meaning of such representation.

Please have a look at the joined document: 2014 ANNUAL ARTISTS AND THEOLOGIANS MEETING

Boletin de Nartex para el verano – Programme de/of Nartex


We are pleased to present you the 23rd edition of the Nartex boletin (Nartex is the Spanish member of ARC. Isabel, their President, is a member of the Ars et Fides Bureau)! Ars et Fides has a special place in this document!


C’est le moment de lire le Bulletin d’été de Nartex, qui fait la part belle à Ars et Fides! Pour rappel, Nartex est la branche espagnole d’ARC, dont Isabel, la présidente, est membre du bureau d’Ars et Fides).


Potete leggere la lettera d’informazione dell’estate di Nartex! Nartex è la parte espagnola di ARC; Isabel, la presidente di Nartex, fa parte del Bureau di Ars et Fides.